Our Services

What do we do?

Obviously, as a video production company, we produce video! However, what many people don't see are the other services that we offer that go into making videos.

Idea Generation

Possibly the most important stage in the creation of any video - whether you have an idea that's burning away inside of you, or need some help to find something that ticks all of the boxes, we've got you covered.

Script Writing & Storyboarding

Here we take the project's idea and begin the steps of giving it shape, whether it's through the written word or visual storytelling. Got a specific way you want it to look and sound? We can involve you heavily. Want to leave us to it and present you with the ideas before proceeding? We can do that too.

Preproduction & Planning

Bringing an idea to life as moving images on a screen requires logistical planning and organisation, which funnily enough we're pretty good at. We take a formed idea and build it from the ground up to be ready to film or animate.


This is what really makes us tick. We'll shoot your video with cinema-quality cameras and lenses.


Also known as editing. We take the raw video footage that we shoot and shape it into an engaging, attention-grabbing piece of film. This also includes grading, to make the footage really pop.

Animation (Motion Graphics)

This can be combined with filmed footage or as a pure animation on its own. Examples include text animation, infographics and character animation.

Voiceover & Music

Audio is important. Voiceovers and music can change the pace and feel of a video, so we make sure that we understand, we make sure that it all ties in with your brand.

Clearcast Clearance

TV adverts need to be approved by Clearcast who run it by the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (the BCAP Code). We work with you and Clearcast to make sure your advert passes the test and can be shown on TV in all its glory.

Video Training

You might not need our professional video services, but you might be feeling frustrated, stressed, worried or confused about doing your own vlogs or even holding video meetings. Fear not! We do in-house video training so that you can become the star of your own videos.