Animation / Animated videos

So you're looking for an animation or animated video?

What better way to bring your story to life, than high quality, creative, engaging animation? Got a complicated product? Have a brand that suits a more illustrated style? Need to promote an app or online service? Or have a load of interesting statistics that need to be presented in a cool way? Animation could be for you. Whether it’s a complex 3D animation, screen-captured video of a website or app, a 2D infographic, or an illustrated cartoon or character driven animation, we’ll work with you from concept to delivery to produce something that’s creatively different to really get you noticed.

Who needs an animated video?

:: Businesses with a complicated product or service

:: Someone who absolutely, 100% doesn’t want to appear on film

:: Organisations with a difficult to explain service

:: Those with a product that’s explained, rather than shown

:: Brands with a cool, funky tone

:: Ideas, products or services that can't physically be filmed