Music Videos

So you're looking for a music video?

Music videos have become the cornerstone of a band or artist’s release strategy - you’ve finished your record, have your PR machine ready to go, have your social media channels primed for release, but you need a platform for people to see your music on. That’s where music videos come in.

Our owner, Nick, has been playing in bands since he was 14, and has shot more music videos (possibly literally) than he’s had hot dinners. Not only that, but as a guest lecturer in the UK’s only Music Video degree course, he might even know what he’s doing.

Who needs a music video?

:: Bands with a new song or release coming up

:: Musicians who need to reach their fanbase with their music

:: Artists with an online presence they need to activate

:: Bands who are engaging in a PR campaign

:: Artists who want to add an extra element to their music through film and video