Solidor Hero Advert (TV Advert)

Hero Advert (TV Advert)


Solidor approached us to make and manage their first venture into mainstream TV, by producing and project managing their 'Solidor Hero' advert campaign. The 30-second TV advert was shown on Channel 4 and all sister channels (More4, Film4, Dave, BT Sports, ESPN, Gold, etc.) over the 2018-19 Christmas and New Year period.

Since the first one aired, we've filmed and edited 3 additional versions, which have aired on Channel 4, its sister channels and Sky.

What we did

Selling external front (and back) composite doors doesn't really lend itself to being very glam, so we tried to inject a bit of style, sophistication and emotion into this engaging TV advert.

From working with Solidor on the initial concept, we then project managed each step of the process including scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, prop sourcing, Clearcast clearance, filming, editing and final submission to Channel 4.

The star of the show was undoubtably Freddie, an ex-rescue dog from the lovely people at SESAW - Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare charity, who acted like a true professional the whole time. I'm sure he got asked for his pawprint a few times!

Channel4 Clearcast


Well, the campaign went so well, we'll let Lucy Jones (Marketing Manager) and Gareth Busson (Sales and Marketing Director) from Solidor explain it all.

LUCY JONES: When we first had the idea to do the advert we were very conscious about how our industry is perceived by the general public, so we wanted to be as far removed from that as we could be. The idea behind the television advertising was that we would take it to that next level and go out to the masses which is something that we've never been able to achieve before.

GARETH BUSSON: We recently did a short [video] around a new range of glass that we launched and it looked incredibly professional and if those guys are good enough to be able to do that, then I had complete faith that they would develop a TV ad for us that would look extremely professional.

LUCY JONES: We’ve worked with CineRobota for a long time now and we've always been really happy with all the work that they've done for us. They're really easy to talk to, we've got a great rapport with them, they listen to what we've got to say, they take our ideas on board, but also because we’ve worked with them for so long now, they kind of understand our brand. They understand who we want to talk to and why we want to talk to that specific market, so it works really well for us.

The first time the advert was aired on Boxing Day, we were sitting around, all my family were there waiting for it to come on. When it first aired I squealed. It was quite a moment in my house obviously because I was part of the advert. I got on the phone to Gareth straightaway and everyone was really excited.

GARETH BUSSON: We knew that it was going to look good, we helped out, we made sure that we were on set and we were involved in it every step of the way and that was great for us, you know, that we could get involved and we could put our own little stamp on it where we felt that we needed to.

LUCY JONES: I personally think we've smashed it and totally gone way above anything that anyone was expecting of someone in the door and window industry. It looks really slick, it's really professional, just the editing- everything about it, we're just so impressed with.

GARETH BUSSON: The advert has been particularly effective for us. In terms of the direct response that we got from consumers, we are more than 300% up on last year.

LUCY JONES: The results have been phenomenal. The whole basis of what we do is driving people to our website so that they'll design their own door and then we can pass that lead on to one of our installers that we've got based all over the country. So as soon as the advert went live, the response rates were incredible really. We've seen a dramatic uplift in the amount of door designs that have come through.

GARETH BUSSON: I mean in terms of within our industry, what we've done has not just made ripples it's made huge waves and people are talking about it. The next, like I say, we've set a high benchmark for ourselves now, so we've got to do something even better and working together with CineRobota we've got some good ideas as to how to do that.