Make The Cut (Case Study)

Make The Cut (Case Study)

Staffordshire University / Higher Horizons+

Staffordshire & Keele Universities, alongside Higher Horizons+ engaged in the Make the Cut programme. This programme focused on 13-15 year olds in high risk areas of under age smoking. The Make the Cut project matched these young people up with Staffordshire University film-makers to create their own short films, based around the risks of smoking.

What we did

We created a short case study video over multiple days, documenting the students' journeys as they created their anti-smoking films, along with filming interview footage with representatives of Higher Horizons+. The brief was to create an emotionally-focused film, detailing how creating these films had impacted the students' views on smoking and their lives in general.

Below are the videos from 2019 and 2018.


" We commissioned Cinerobota to make a short documentary about our university outreach project 'Make the Cut' in which secondary school pupils worked with film students at Staffordshire University to create their own film on the topic of smoking. The short documentary really set the scene for the presentation evening, where students, their families and teachers saw the films on the big screen for the first time.

The documentary provided a fantastic platform for the students to express their thoughts on the project and what they'd learned, and enabled the presentation evening attendees to really gain an insight into the value of the project and the students' achievements. We'll be using the documentary to promote Higher Horizons's work in the next academic year.

Cinerobota were fantastic to work with, happy to make edits, and I'd definitely recommend them. "

Lily Randall - Higher Horizons+ Senior Network Officer