How to VLOG & create video content for business & fun

So you've always wanted to start a vlog (or just create video content in general)? Whether it's for business, income or fun, it all just looks hard... Like, really hard

You might be frustrated that it's not going to look right, or be petrified of being on camera, or just confused about where to start with it all. Luckily these are the things we aim to fix with our new course: "How to VLOG & create video content for business & fun: Become a Filmmaker, Videographer & Vlogger - Learn to create kick ass vlogs & video content for business & social media"

... Okay, we just refer to it as 'The vlogging course' - that might be a bit more snappy.

The idea of this course is to open up the services that we provide to a huge new (global) audience. So far we've had students from countries including the US, India, North Africa, Korea and Brazil. Phew! (Though we're still very much promoting this thing across the UK and throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Birmingham, Derby, Liverpool & London - our usual haunts).

Anyway! This course is built from the ground up to get you on your vlogging and filmmaking journey and take you from vlogging zero... to vlogging hero! Cool right?

If you want to find out more, you can check it out here: How to VLOG & create video content for business & fun link.