6 tips to improve your video presenting skills

When you're filming yourself, it can be really easy to feel self-conscious. So here are a couple of tips to make you feel more comfortable in front of a camera.

(We may be concentrating on presenting to the camera here for a video, but most of these tips could be used for presenting in general.)

Take your time

The wonderful thing about making a video is that if you mess up, you can stop, take a deep breath and start over again. It doesn't have to be perfect the first time, every time. Do it over and over again until you're happy with the take. Make sure you have enough time to prepare and film it - don't try to do it all in a rush.

Hydration - Keep a glass of water close by

Everyone at some point has felt nervous when talking (even if just to themselves on video). This can lead to a dry mouth, which will come across on the audio. So have a drink and keep a glass of water just to the side so that you can sip it when needed. Try and use room temperature water as cold water can shock the vocal cords and lead to extra tension in your voice - which is something you're definitely not after!

Prepare - Have notes or a cheat sheet

Now we don't want you to read this out as a script (as we discussed in our 5 Ways to (not) look terrible in your videos blog) as you're only going to look awkward, rehearsed and terrible, but having a list at the side of you to glance over at and make sure you cover all the points in the right order you want to is definitely handy - and also a great way to stay on track.

Use your hands

People communicate more by their body language than they do with the words they say. So don't just stand there with your hands down by your sides as you can look a bit wooden. Instead, use them to make gestures and help get across your message.

If you're feeling super awkward, then try holding a penny in your hand. It'll weirdly anchor you to the scene and to the place that you're standing and delivering the lines, and will just make you feel slightly more at ease. I know it sounds really weird but it works. Give it a try and let us know.

Make eye Contact with the camera

If you were talking to someone, you wouldn't look off to the side continuously or stare off into the distance when you were talking to them, as that would appear a bit rude. Treat the camera like a person and talk directly to them down the lens and have a conversation. If it's on a phone, locate the camera and talk to that, rather than looking at yourself on the screen. This way you'll come across as being more trustworthy as you're directly connecting with them.

Film more videos

The only way to get good at doing stuff is by doing stuff more, right? The same thing applies for doing videos. The more you shoot, the more you put on social media, the more comfortable you will feel. I guarantee it. Practice makes perfect and just like with anything you do, the more you do, the better you'll get.

So if you like what you've seen and you're not connected with me on LinkedIn, please do drop me connect request and say hello. My name's Nick from CineRobota I hope you've enjoyed it.