Should I use a marketing company to help me release my video content?

Should I use a marketing company to help me release my video content? Now, normally, my answer to this is going to be a pretty solid yes, because you can have the best video in the world, but if nobody sees it there's absolutely no point in having that video. The point is that marketing companies can do loads for you, but some of the stuff you could do in-house.

So to try and help us decide about this, we've listed all the things that marketing companies can do for you when you're trying to release video content. We can discuss from there whether you want to do this with a company or you can do this in-house.


Firstly, a good marketing company will help you create a strategy that can reach your target audience. Do you know who they are and how you're going to reach them? That's all part of the strategising stage. Strategy is important because if you don't have the right one, then your plan may not work.

Customer Avatars

So what's a customer Avatar? Customer avatars are your target audiences. You may reach many different types of people, but if you don't know which of those is your ideal customer, or your scope is too general, then it's going to be difficult to create content that appeals to and actually reaches those targeted people.


Once you've decided on the sort of people you want to try and reach, you then need to create the right content for them (obviously we're championing video here!). Consider whether you need copy, photographs, graphics, blogs, vlogs, etc. There are many types of content to choose from. A marketing company can help you to determine what's best for your strategy and then also help you to create that content.


Depending on your marketing strategy and customer avatar, you'll need to know which channels are best for delivering the content. Do you want to post the content on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or YouTube, or are you thinking of creating a newsletter to send it out? A marketing agency will help you to discover the best route to get your content in front of your target customer.


You've set up your channels and now you need to make sure that people can find your content on those channels. What keywords or phrases will people search for? Marketing agencies will help to optimise the video titles, descriptions, hashtags, etc. all to make sure that your video ranks highly on the platform.

Video Release

You've set up your channels, got your SEO, you've worked out your customer avatars, you've created the content, but if you don't actually release it, then there's really no point doing it. You need someone to push the button so people can see your content. You wouldn't believe how many people get this far and don't actually push the button, leaving their content where no one can see it.

What happens if you can do some of these in-house?

Firstly, we need to make sure that the things you can do in-house, actually get done. If you try it and don't have the time, I would recommend thinking about using a marketing company to help. If you can do all of this, then brilliant!

If not, you might be wondering how you find the right marketing agency, because there are a few of them around and they all have their different specialities. As we've dealt with our fair share over our 11 years in business, we have some that we can recommend, so if you need a hand, feel free to get in touch.