How to improve your LinkedIn videos for under £100, or even for free!

We're on a mission to help people get their social media videos looking even better than ever.

We're seeing more and more vlogging videos on LinkedIn and other social media platforms (which is great!), but a few could be improved quite dramatically with a couple of small tweaks.

Here we look at how to improve a vlog by looking at 3 simple areas: the camera angle, lighting and audio, and show how they can be improved with some low-cost / budget items, or for free using the things you have around your office or home.

Camera Angle

You need to think about where your camera's positioned with regards to how the subject, i.e. you, is going to be talking to and presenting to it. So there's a couple of things to think about here.

So if your camera is too low, whilst it may be empowering you, it can also be empowering your chin because that's the only thing that they're realistically going to be able to see. If it's higher then it will disempower you and it will make you seem small and tiny. Try to make sure your camera or your phone, or whatever it is that you're filming on, is at the same level as your eye-line, then what the audience is perceiving this an adult to adult interaction. Not a parent to child or a child to parent, it's neither disempowering nor empowering you. What it is doing is it's making you seem trustworthy and that's a really important thing.

As a tool to help you do this, first of all you have a trusty box that you can position on your desk and try and balance your phone or your camera on top of it. Alternatively, you can have something like a GorillaPod. Now this one was lent to me by my very good friend, Matthew Dashper-Hughes, who regularly puts video content out there and he basically positions his phone on top of this and it can be positioned on his desk so he can then present directly to the camera, or his phone in this instance.

You could also buy a cheap tripod off Amazon or Ebay and these can be really good as well.

Audio / Sound

The other thing you want to think about is sound.

Now close your eyes for a moment. Listen out for something that may be annoying when you're filming, something like fridges, air conditioning units, fans, noisy neighbours... All these things can be detrimental to the production quality of your video.

You want to find somewhere really nice and quiet to film in so you don't have something like HORRIBLY LOUD TRAFFIC where you can't hear anything aside from cars, lorries...

You may also want to consider a microphone to be able to help you out with this. The on-board mics on your phones or on your camera may be actually pretty good, but it's not going to be the most directional of sounds that you're recording. So something like a shotgun microphone you can mount on the side of your camera or on your phone can be really helpful to try and get rid of all these unwanted noises.


Now the last thing I want you to think about is light.

Now you don't need massive lights bearing out thousands of watts worth of light on top of you to create something cinema-quality. Instead, you just need to think about it a little bit more because lighting is really important. It can be the difference between this...[light goes off] and this...[light comes on] and you don't need to spend stupid amounts of money to be able to make this happen.

Have a think about lights you have around your house, lights like this that you can get [e.g. a lamp], and you can just help you pop within a scene, or lights like this [a small video light] also borrowed from my good friend Matthew Dashper-Hughes that can help you be seen in an image.

So there we have it, my tips to help you shoot better video content for LinkedIn that doesn't suck.

So if you like what you've seen and you're not connected with me on LinkedIn, please do drop me connect request and say hello. If you're watching on YouTube please hit the subscribe and the like and a comment button and all that kind of jazz, but in the meantime, my name's Nick from CineRobota I hope you've enjoyed it.

Happy shooting!