5 ways to (not) make yourself look terrible in your videos

This may not be a serious video (we definitely don't want you to look terrible in your videos), but in all seriousness, we do see many of the following things in vlogs on LinkedIn (and other social media, but here we're concentrating on the business social media network).

First impressions are everything, and we all want to make sure that we're coming across the best we can, as well as sending the right message to our target audience. If we can do that, then we're already halfway there.

Don't prepare (please do!)

‘Hey guys today we're gonna talk about... what are we gonna talk about? We're gonna talk about how to make some video content... for some stuff that you're doing on social media... and when I think about what that is then... that's what I'll talk about...’

To keep the waffling to a minimum, think about what you're going to say and what message you want to get across. Remember those 5xPs, PPPPP - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (that's the polite version anyway).

Read from a script (please don't!)

Whilst it might help you to remember what you need to talk about (and to get all of your points in), it will come across as a little insincere, not to mention look like you don't know what you're talking about. Instead, have a cheat sheet with a few bullet points on at the side, and practice until it comes naturally. You can always do a few takes!

Wear the wrong clothes for your audience (please don't!)

Have you ever seen someone in a vlog trying to sell their product or service to someone in a senior / management role, yet on camera they're wearing a scruffy t-shirt, earphones or a baseball cap?

Again, first impressions are everything. That's not to say you have to be suited and booted, just that you need to dress appropriately to whoever you're trying to target. That might even be a clown suit if you're trying to impress circus owners...

Wear clothes that merge you into the background (please don't!)

Basically, if you wear something that is similar to your background, you tend to turn yourself into a giant floating head! Try and vary the background in your video, or if not and you're shooting against a coloured wall, make sure that you wear something contrasting (though not narrow stripes or tight patterns as this can cause a weird optical illusion called a Moiré or Moire pattern)

Look and sound like you're bored (please don't!)

It might be that you've had a long day or generally you're just not that passionate about what you're talking about, but either way, wait until you've got a bit more energy and are feeling more enthusiastic. This way you'll come across much better on camera to your audience (remember what we said about first impressions?)

Obviously, all of the above are actually really bad for your videos, so don't do them. Sadly and surprisingly, we do see them on LinkedIn ALL the time. So if you've been an offender, or if you know anyone who's an offender, or have just seen any one of these things, drop Nick a connection request. This is the sort of thing that we can help with.